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How to Optimize Fertility?

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Couples become more concerned about their fertility potential and when they are unable to conceive after so much trying, they turn towards the consultation. At least three months before conceiving, you should start optimizing your diet as usually it takes three months to develop follicles before one is mature enough to develop release an egg at ovulation.

Here we present some tips that will help you to optimize your fertility and helps in conceiving faster:

Diet is the most major part that helps in optimizing the fertility. It is always advisable to eat healthy diet before few months of conceiving. Add nutrition that helps to prepare your body for pregnancy. Eating right food is the key to success in achieving pregnancy to its full term, add fresh fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants that protects against free radicals damage. You can add some dry fruits and good source of zinc that is needed for hormones synthesis, sperm and eggs development.

Avoid intake of alcohol, smoking and caffeine that reduces the fertility chances in women and can also affect the sperm quality of male partner. Additionally avoid use of synthetic chemicals products like wrapping paper, shampoo and bath soap etc. Reduce the use of tinned packed food, cooking food in plastic containers and so on.

Maintain healthy weight to achieve pregnancy as excess weight and underweight can affect fertility chances for women as well as men.

Lifestyle factor is another reason for infertility in various couples that can have a long term affect on your health. So before conceiving trying to adopt healthy lifestyle and avoid hectic life schedule that acts as a barrier in the pathway of becoming parents.

Reduce stress in your life that indirectly affects the chances of fertility. Try to be relaxed by meditation which keeps you fresh and positive all the time.

To avoid this, we start taking different kind of antacids. These provide relief to some extent but actually they are harmful in the long run. They disturb the natural functions of the stomach and results are not what we actually want. To avoid this situation, we need to use a reliable product, which is effective yet not harmful for the normal functioning of the stomach. I was looking around for quite some time, when I researched and found a product called Acid control formula by digestive science. Let me tell you my experience about this product from digestive science.

What is acid control formula by digestive science?

This product from digestive science promises to protect the natural functions of stomach and help you to get rid of burning and pain associated with acid reflux. At the same time it does not interfere with the production of digestive enzymes. Unlike other products in the market, it does not disturb the normal functions of these enzymes in the stomach. In this way the stomach will keep performing its natural functions and it will get the additional help it needs from acid control formula by digestive science.

How it works?

This product has a dual action, it not only eliminates the burning pain but it also helps to protect the stomach.  Hydrochloric acid is the chemical, which is responsible for the burning sensations in the stomach. The acid control formula by digestive science affects the production of HCl, in a positive way.

It makes a protective coating on the esophagus, which provides a protection from the erosion of Hydrochloric Acid. This coating gives a relief from the burning pain in the chest. On the other hand, it also controls the over production of Hydrochloric acid. The dual action of product, not only helps with better digestion but it protects the stomach from harmful chemicals, which are responsible for the burning sensations. How it is different than other products in the market?

The acid control formula by digestive science is different from the other products available in the market, now a day. Other antacids are quite harmful to the stomach, although they provide quick relief for a short time. Actually, they disturb the natural balance of stomach enzymes increasing the severity of the problem. Their action enhances the production of hydrochloric acid, which is quite harmful to the stomach. So, instead of dealing with the real cause of stomach pain, they go for the temporary relief only and enhance the problems for the patients. On the other hand, acid control formula by digestive science deals with the root cause of the problems. It not only controls the production of harmful acids but also protects the stomach lining against the action of these acids. Many people find it quite helpful and I also used it for my stomach burning. It has some magical effect, which eliminates the pain quickly and there is a satisfaction as well that my stomach is not getting any further damage.

1. Coat and protect the esophagus from the hydrochloric acid that has been escaping your stomach to create that painful, burning sensation in your chest, while also…

2. Reducing the overproduction of hydrochloric acid in your stomach.

This treatment works quickly to curb your dependence on the harmful antacids bought at the corner store or your prescribed by your doctor which have been proven to throw your digestive enzymes even further off balance and further increase your hydrochloric acid production.

It will also provide with some much needed pain relief from the burning so you’ll have the time and patience you need to deal with the REAL cause of your overproduction of hydrochloric acid: imbalances in your production of digestive enzymes!

Take 3 capsules daily, one approximately 30 minutes prior to each meal. (Each bottle contains 90 capsules; a 30-day supply.)


Acid Control Formula Ingredient List

Slippery Elm (250 mg) – Slippery elm is found in North America, and is recognized by Native healers as a powerful treatment for cuts, boils, ulcers, burns, and other skin conditions. One of its main ingredients is mucilate, which turns into a gel when mixed with water, which can soothe the mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines.

Slippery elm can increase mucus secretion in the gastrointestinal tract, protecting against excess acidity, and a study in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics suggest its anti-oxidant properties make it a potential therapy for inflammatory bowel disease. Aloe Vera (250 mg) – The Aloe Vera plant, grown in subtropical and tropical climates, has been used for thousands of years to treat any number of illnesses and conditions, including burns, wounds, skin irritations, and constipation.

Aloe Vera is an excellent natural method for improving digestive function. It improves the absorption of proteins into the body, reduces unfavorable bacteria in the digestive tract, tones the muscles of the intestine to improve the movement of food, and inhibits the secretion of the stomach’s digestive juices (hydrochloric acid), thereby aiding in the reduction of acid reflux.

It can also heal the distressed lower esophageal sphincter (the “valve” that prevents stomach acid from entering the esophagus), soothe the lining of the entire gastrointestinal tract, and is, according to studies in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association and Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, a proven remedy for peptic ulcers, as well as inflammatory bowel disease. Licorice Root (deglycyrrhizinated) (200 mg) – A perennial that grows wild in parts of Europe and Asia, the licorice plant has been used in both traditional Eastern and Western medicine to treat a variety of illnesses, ranging from colds to liver disease.

Licorice root has long been used as a demulcent (soothing, coating agent) and expectorant. It’s also recommended for coughs, asthma, and other respiratory problems, and most importantly, is useful in treating peptic ulcers and canker sores. A study in the International Journal of Gastroenterology has demonstrated its potential in treating acid reflux.

Marshmallow Root (50 mg)

Marshmallow has been used for more than 2,000 years as both a food and a medicine. Arab healers made poultices from its leaves and applied them to the skin to reduce inflammation.

Both the root and leaves contain mucilage, which, when mixed with water, forms a slick gel that coats the throat and stomach to reduce irritation. Throughout its long history as a traditional healing aid, Marshmallow root has been used to treat asthma, bronchitis, acid reflux, inflammatory bowel disease, and stomach ulcers.

There is no risk when you order the Acid Control Formula by Digestive Science so Act now.

Ok, I’m right energy to come well outside and to still say it people. The weight loss and the physical shape ARE NOT things which you can BUY! They are things which you must GAIN! The truth is that there is no manner simple to lose the weight and to obtain with an adjustment the hard body. You must spend the hour necessary to obtain inside the results necessary in the weight loss, the physical shape, and forces it!

I am sick and tired people of hearing and you about the weight feel sorry for pleurnichez not losing, however they put the train of their bodies to lose the weight. They put it eat right foods to lose the weight. Thus they will buy magic pill of it to help them with their problem of weight. More times than not the pill can help them to throw two or three books, but the hook is that they are not good for your health and generally when they lack their provisioning they finish gaining to the top all the back of weight. These people are lazy. They can’t even make to take the stupid pill long enough to obtain the results, but the truth is them shouldn’t takes the stupid pill to begin par.

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I am accustomed to go to far on people and if you read this article and know that of what a little people I speak then satisfy go to far on them too! If you are not sure if you should express an opinion as mine the person you know then I want that you raise yourselves a simple question: Would this person draw benefit from you not saying something to them? Think on that!

 What is the Lemonade Diet?

The Lemonade Diet is a modified juice fast that was designed for the purpose of detoxifying the body to restore wellbeing. Developed by alternative health advocate Stanley Burroughs in the 1940s, the Lemonade Diet was not intended for weight loss, but it is now commonly used for that purpose.

The Lemonade Diet is an entirely liquid diet.  While on the diet followers drink large amounts of a beverage made from fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water.  They drink six to twelve glasses of this lemonade each day and at least an equal amount of water.

In addition to drinking the lemonade, dieters use laxatives and/or salt water flushes to flush toxins out of their bodies.  Proponents of the Lemonade Diet, also called the Master Cleanse or Maple Syrup Diet, believe that toxins and wastes that accumulate in the body cause serious health problems. Poor diet, lack of physical activity, negative attitudes, and unhealthy environments cause the body to accumulate these toxins. Proponents believe you can remove the toxins and restore health through fasting and detoxifying. They claim that people who follow the Lemonade Diet experience less chronic pain, more energy, and weight loss of 20 pounds in 10 days. Opponents of this diet say that the body has organs for natural detoxification, and that laxatives and flushing are unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

There is no cost to follow the Lemonade Diet, other than the minimal costs for the ingredients. Lemonade Diet books and kits are available, but not necessary.

How the Lemonade Diet Works

There are three phases to the Lemonade Diet: The Ease-In phase, the Lemonade phase, and the Ease-Out phase.

Ease-In Phase: The Ease-In Phase is just what it sounds like: a time to slowly move toward the liquid diet. On the first day of this three-day phase you eat fresh fruits and vegetables and stay away from meat, dairy, and processed foods. The next day you restrict yourself to fruit juices and vegetable juices, preferably fresh. The third day of the ease-in you drink only orange juice, with a little maple syrup for sweetening if you like. This is also a good time to rid your environment of foods that might tempt you during your fast.

Lemonade Phase: This phase typically lasts three to ten days, but can last as long as thirty days. Longer fasts are not recommended for people new to the Lemonade Diet. You drink six to twelve glasses of lemonade and as much water as you want. To flush the toxins from your body you take a laxative or a saltwater flush twice a day—in the morning and at night. You make the saltwater flush by mixing two teaspoons of salt in a quart of water.

Here is the recipe for the lemonade. For one glass of lemonade you combine two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, two tablespoons of grade B maple syrup, and one-tenth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder with eight to ten ounces of water. You may need to start out light on the cayenne and ease into the full amount. You can prepare each glass at a time or make enough for an entire day each morning, but never prepare more than a day’s worth in advance because it will not stay fresh.

Ease-Out Phase: The Ease-Out Phase is the Ease-In Phase in reverse. It is the transition back to solid food. On the first day you drink orange juice lightly sweetened with maple syrup. Next day it’s fruit and vegetable juices. On the third day of the ease-out you eat solid fruits and vegetables. On the fourth day you resume your regular diet.

Benefits of the Lemonade Diet

The Lemonade Diet is inexpensive; you can buy everything you need at a local food store. You will lose weight quickly.

Proponents of the Lemonade Diet say followers experience health benefits from the liquid diet and detoxification.

Concerns about the Lemonade Diet

The lemonade does not provide the recommended daily amounts (RDAs) of vitamins, minerals, fiber, fat, and carbohydrates. Fasting can destroy natural bacteria that aid digestion and support the immune system. Because it is so low in calories the diet can slow down the metabolism.

The Lemonade Diet is not safe for children or for women who are pregnant or nursing. It is also not safe for people with diabetes and other chronic illnesses. The diet can alter the effectiveness of prescription medications. Dieters may feel dizzy, tired, or sluggish, and may get headaches, nausea, or constipation.

Exercise is not part of the Lemonade Diet. In fact, some people may feel too weak to exercise while they are on the diet.

The Lemonade Diet does not include a long-term plan for maintaining weight loss and health gains. Followers do not learn healthy eating habits and return to their regular diets whether they were healthy or not.

The Lemonade Diet is extremely restrictive, making it very hard to stick to.

 Talk to Your Doctor

The Lemonade Diet is an extreme weight loss plan that is not successful or safe for everyone. It is very important that you consult with your healthcare provider before you start the Lemonade Diet, especially if you have a chronic medical condition or take medication.  Your personal provider knows your health and weight issues and can advise you as to whether this is a good diet for you. He or she may suggest alternate or additional ways to achieve your goals, and may refer you to other medical specialists, a registered dietitian, or a trainer for further assistance.

If you do decide to follow the Lemonade Diet, be sure to speak to your doctor if you experience any problems or have any concerns while you are on the diet.


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Obesity Increases the Risk of Stroke

Stroke is defined as any interruption to the blood supply of the brain. (1) Related conditions are aneurysm, arteriovenous malformation and cerebral hemorrhage. If blood flow to any part of the brain is interrupted, because a blood vessel in the brain is blocked or bursts open, then a stroke can occur. (2) If the blood flow is interrupted for just a few seconds, then the brain cannot get oxygen and this will cause the brain cells to die, causing permanent brain damage. (3) The two main types of stroke are ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke.

Ischemic stroke takes place when a blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain undergoes a blood clot. (4) This is usually a result of cardiovascular disease, in the form of atherosclerosis, which takes place as due to excess fat, cholesterol and other substances which collect on the wall of the arteries, forming a sticky substance known as plaque. This plaque builds up over time and makes it difficult for the blood to flow properly, thus causing the blood clot. (5)

Hemorrhagic stroke can take place when a blood vessel in the brain becomes weak and bursts open, which causes blood to leak into the brain. (6) This can be genetic as some people have defects in the blood vessels of the brain that can make this more likely to take place. (7)

The link to obesity

People who are obese are generally defined as having a body mass index greater than 30 kg/m2. (8) Some 25-30% of Americans are currently considered obese. (9) Most media outlets report correctly that obesity is a major risk factor for a number of life-threatening conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and even some types of cancer. (10) The actual link is through what is known as abdominal or visceral obesity and people who suffer from this condition have a high chance of developing an ischemic stroke. (11) Since obesity is a known risk factor for coronary heart disease, it has often been thought that stroke is related to obesity in some way.

Cholesterol and obesity link to ischemic stroke

Cholesterol is a substance that is normally present in the body and which is created largely by the liver. (12) In a person with a well-functioning metabolism, the different types of cholesterol are regulated by insulin released from the pancreas. However, in persons with a poor diet that results in high blood cholesterol, more insulin is created in order to attempt to regulate this cholesterol in the blood vessels. When too much insulin goes into the blood, the body can become immune to its effects and this is the first stage of type 2 diabetes. (13) Insulin resistance can let cholesterol levels get out of control. Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is used to bind cells together and to form their outer membranes which are permeable. (14) When the cells of a blood vessel become damaged, then cholesterol is used to repair the damage and make new cells. Therefore, cholesterol has a beneficial function in the body, but too much of it can still be bad for you. Insulin is the main regulator of the cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol is synthesized by the liver from the nutrition that is consumed. Therefore, if blood clots develop in the blood vessels in the brain due to cholesterol, an ischemic stroke can occur.

Obesity and angina – link to stroke

Angina is caused by a reduced blood flow to the heart muscle. (15) Blood is carried to the heart to feed it with oxygen, but if plaque builds up around the various blood vessels in the body less oxygen can get to the heart and this causes heart palpitations or angina. (16) If the blood is not traveling around the body fast enough, then the brain can become starved of oxygen and this can lead to stroke or brain damage. Again, angina and heart disease are linked to obesity through excess body-fat and cholesterol levels in the blood vessels.

Obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease

The four conditions are highly interrelated. According to the Framingham experiment, a direct link can be observed between higher BMI levels and cardiovascular diseases such as angina, atherosclerosis and stroke. (17)

Hypertension, or high blood-pressure, is also a significant risk factor in strokes. (18) High blood pressure, especially when blood is in the brain, can cause blood vessels to burst and cause a hemorrhagic stroke. (19) Of course, genetic factors may come into play in this situation as well, because of blood vessels which are not strong enough. But generally, being overweight or obese with high cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream does not help the situation either and can make things worse as the blood volume is greater in already weak blood vessels. (20)

Problems with insulin can lead to type 2 diabetes. (21) When the body becomes desensitized to the effects of insulin, triglyceride and cholesterol levels go out of control and diabetes can develop. Diabetes is a life-threatening condition. People with diabetes also have a greater chance of developing both ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke if they do not monitor their diet and live a lifestyle that is conducive to good health.

Treatment of stroke and obesity

Obese people need to consider losing weight in a frontline defense against stroke and atherosclerosis. Losing weight reduces the amount of excess body-fat in the body, which balances out insulin levels. Furthermore, balancing the amount of cholesterol in the body becomes easier for the insulin as it can now travel more efficiently around the body to regulate triglycerides. Triglycerides can also be lessened by eating less foods that are converted into sugar (carbohydrates and sucrose). When there are less triglycerides in the bloodstream, insulin can work on regulating cholesterol instead. Losing weight and eating a balanced, healthy diet can be the frontline preventative defense against strokes.

Regular exercise also promotes blood to move more efficiently, getting insulin, cholesterol and white blood cells to the right places to repair any arterial damage that has been caused by the buildup of plaque through atherosclerosis.

Bad Breath

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Links Explored Between Obesity and Halitosis

According to a near-recent article on Science Daily, a Tel Aviv study concluded that the more overweight you are, the more likely you are to have bad breath. (1) This condition, known as halitosis (2) is responsible for the emission of notoriously unpleasant odors when breathing. There are several common loci for the causes of halitosis and these are the tongue, mouth, gum disease, tonsils, esophagus, stomach, systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, and also an interesting phenomenon known as halitophobia (delusional halitosis). (3) The Israeli study concluded that the links between obesity and bad breath might be linked to the notion that overweight people apparently take less care of their bodies and mouths, or that they have a diet that promotes problems with the various parts of the body that can be the origin of the bad breath. (4) The researchers on the study also went on to say that further studies must be performed to determine the precise link.

Bad breath, obesity and alcohol intake

The study used a variety of methods of testing patients for bad breath: a self-administered questionnaire on their own general and oral health, dietary habits, and their own oral malodor levels. (5) Some of the other methods of testing for the condition, which was determined to be rather subjective in nature, were odor judge scores, volatile sulfide level testing and salivary beta-galactosidase. The basic conclusion of the study was that both alcohol intake and BMI could be factors that can be used to determine if the condition of bad breath exists. (6)

Testing for bad breath

Since then, at least one patent exists of a device that claims to be able to test bad breath. (7) Specifically, the device tests for sulfur and ammonia levels in the mouth, which have been shown to be related to bad breath.

Obesity and weight-loss: how they are related to bad breath

According to a 1999 study, one of the side-effects of weight loss programs is the possibility of bad breath. (8) The article goes on to claim that there are a variety of weight-loss methods available that can have serious side-effects, such as starvation and even death. The fact that this article is pretty dated (12 years as of this writing), is beginning to show. It claims that weight-loss methods such as diet restrictions, fasting and semi-starvation are risky, but it is quickly evident that the author did not have the vast body of knowledge available today regarding some of most of the popular weight-loss methods (Atkins, low-fat, low-carb, no-carb and others) are based on solid science and even biochemistry that has been extensively studied in the last 10 years. For instance, a very recent study published February 2011 concluded that low energy diets (LEDs) and very low energy diets (VLEDs), which consist of an extremely low carbohydrate intake that induces ketosis, were very successful in bringing about weight loss. However, those subjects that were on the VLED did not consume any carbohydrates at all and ended up with side-effects, one of which was bad breath. This indicates that the LED diet is better for weight loss than the VLED one, to avoid the side-effects. (9)

Another book, specifically discussing the effects of soft-drinks and soda on the consumers, states that not only do carbonated sugar drinks cause obesity, but some of the other side-effects are tooth-decay and bad breath. (10)

Bad breath and perceptions of obese individuals

One interesting study conducted on young children in the United Kingdom examined their predispositions to other children of varying body-weights, body-sizes, shapes and weights. (11) In general, obese children are considered to be at higher risk of poorer health in both short and long term. The attitudes of children and beliefs about their bodies were also examined. Studies on children between the ages of 4-11 were investigated and children were contacted through various forums to assess their views. In total, 28 studies were included. One of the common perceptions among children about overweight people were that they had bad breath. (12) While this is very hard to quantify and does contain a lot of conditioned prejudice, if the obese condition of the patient is related to some sort of a dysfunction or anomaly in one of the areas of the body that can be responsible for bad breath then there is a definite link to obesity.

Treatment of bad breath

The most commonly recommended treatment for bad breath is good oral hygiene, as the majority of cases of bad breath are related to issues with improper oral behavior. Regular cleaning of the teeth, gums and tongue as well as mouthwashes are recommended. (13) Because there are 600 varieties of bacteria on the tongue, they need to be cleaned out regularly. People who are obese also often suffer from other issues such as stomach pains and excessive gas or flatulence. Disorders in the stomach have also been shown to be responsible for issues with bad breath. Conditions such as stomach ulcers which can lead to stomach cancer have been related to obesity and inappropriate diets with low nutrition. (14)

Healthy living for healthy breath

Ultimately, people who suffer from obesity also seem to suffer with other conditions such as poor body- and oral hygiene, stomach problems such as reflux and ulcers, tooth decay and bad breath. All of these conditions can be treated by a simple lifestyle and diet change that incorporates regular physical exercise or working out to promote weight-loss and changes in diet to get the nutrients and minerals necessary to fend off harmful bacteria and prevent stomach conditions such as reflux. If you are obese and suffering from bad breath, take action now.

A double chin is nothing more dangerous or harmful to the overall health of the person who is afflicted with it than an excessive layer of subcutaneous fat that is present within and around the neck region.  If surgical intervention is sought in order to get rid of the double chin quickly then there are several procedures that maybe utilised; these are as listed as follows.

Tumescent liposuction/ Tumescent lipoplasty

Operative for nearly twenty years; tumescent liposuction has become the de facto form of lipoplasty surgery commonly utilised by cosmetic surgeons for the treatment of double chin and lipoplasty in general. In essence, a localized tumescent injection will be administered to the afflicted area that is due for excising, and the injection itself will contain the following components:

A localized anaesthetic agent designed to numb the area, epinephrine which is used to constrict the various blood vessels around the area that is due to be excised in order to minimise bleeding and the rate of exsanguination. In addition, it inhibits the ability of the cells of the body to absorb the anaesthetic agent thereby increasing the expected useful half-life of the anaesthetic agent.

Traditional style lipoplasty surgery proved to be problematic due to unacceptably high degrees of risk such as permanent disfiguration of the neck area as the subcutaneous fat was excised in addition to excessive blood loss and allergic reaction to the anaesthetic agent arising.

By virtue of the fact that the tumescent solution that is injected into the site for excision has a higher volume than the fat tissue; this means that when the fat tissue respires and uses osmosis to diffuse the solution into the cells contained with them; they will be engorged as a result. This enlarging effect is a desirable one: making the subcutaneous fat layer more prominent will make it far easier for the surgeon to then reduce its size with a minimum of complications.

It is important to appreciate that not everyone who suffers from a double chin will be a suitable or appropriate candidate for facial lipoplasty surgical procedures and so surgeons have identified that patients who are within the 20-40 age bracket in good health are best suited for the procedure. The reason for this is due to the fact that one of the major effects of the aging process is that the due to the breakdown and loss of collagen in the skin this means that the elasticity of skin is lost.

There is some confusion concerning the issue of obesity and overweightness as a contraindication to the suitability of a patient for the facial lipolasty procedure, and some have been led to believe that it is an absolute contraindication.

Facial lipoplasty for the treatment of a double chin is designed to remove only the localized adipose tissue which is specific to the neck region; however, given the fact that the surgery necessitates the use of an anaesthetic agent which in turn places strain on the cardiovascular system, this means that there is a higher mortality rate associated with such patients.

Exercises as a remedy for removing double chins

A cursory search through the internet will identify a significant number of different websites solely devoted to the topic of providing a variety of different exercises that are allegedly guaranteed to remove double chin fat; unfortunately however, such information is at best, overly optimistic.

Spot training, the process whereby exercise is limited to a localized area of the body with the ultimate objective of removing fat solely from that area maybe one of the most commonly utilised and relied upon forms of weight loss but it is utterly redundant and the only way to lose fat is to work out the entire body. Spot training may give the illusion of an area that is slightly more toned or well-defined in its contours but ultimately; it does absolutely nothing to the remaining adipose tissue.

As we consume calories they are converted into energy sources by our metabolism and surplus calories are converted into adipose tissue for further usage at some future date. Should a person then consume less calories than their energy requirements dictate; this means that in order to maintain a sense of balance within the body, the metabolism will be required as a matter of survival, cannibalise the remaining adipose reserves situated around the body.

Realistically speaking; a person who wishes to remove a double chin would be required to use 4000 calories worth of energy in order to remove a single pound of fat from their body. It is for this precise reason that it is strongly urged that a combination of both exercise and the reduction in the calorie content of the food ingested is maintained.

Medication for getting rid of the double chin

There has been the development of a new potential solution to the treatment of double chin and that is ATX-101 which happens to be Sodium Deoxycholate for Injection.

In essence, ATX-101 has been specifically designed to serve as an adipolytic solution which is capable of locally administered to the neck region via intravenous or injectable means.  In essence, the ATX 101 manages to reduce the adipose reserves centred in the neck region by the process of lysis; whereby the membrane of the fat cells are breached and infected; whereas remaining cells are left unscathed.

When left to work, the ATX-101 solution has the wonderful effect of resulting in total cytolytic activity; which means that the entire lipid cell structure is destroyed outright. The extensive studies that have been conducted as to the relative efficacy of the ATX 101 solution have identified that it is fully capable of invoking cyctolytic activity on both the submeral and subcutaneous fat reserves allowing for a much more effective excising of the adipose tissue.

There are a multitude of different options for getting rid of a double chin; and although there are medications and surgical procedures available diet and good nutrition must be emphasised above all else.

The Cookie Diet

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What is the Cookie Diet?

In 1975, Dr. Sanford Siegal developed the Cookie Diet to help his patients lose weight. The Cookie Diet is a simple low-calorie diet that controls hunger with meal replacement cookies. One regular meal a day supplements the cookies.

Under Dr. Siegal’s Classic Cookie Diet you eat six cookies a day whenever you feel hungry. Dr. Siegal made the cookies not too tasty in order to discourage dieters from eating too many. Each Classic Cookie has 90 calories.

Dr. Siegal unveiled Plan 10X in April 2011. The 60-calorie Plan 10X cookies are natural, Kosher, vegetarian, and tastier. Because they take less time to bake and package, they are less expensive than the Classic Cookies. Dr. Siegal says he could make these cookies better tasting because you eat them at set times a day, not whenever you want, so there is no temptation factor. Because you eat every two hours during your waking hours you never get hungry.

The Plan 10X cookies come in three flavors: chocolate brownie, cinnamon oatmeal, and maple granola. Plan 10X conforms to the 2010 USDA/HHS Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

The schedule for eating the Plan 10X cookies is fixed. You can adjust the schedule if you get up earlier or later, you can eat your meal at another time of the day (although dinner is preferred), and you can substitute a Cookie Diet bran shake for two cookies. Other than that, your meal plan is quite rigid.

What’s in the cookies? Well, Dr. Siegal won’t say exactly. The most he will reveal is that he uses a proprietary amino acid mixture that fights hunger. He calls it a “proprietary combination of grains and other natural ingredients” and “a hunger-controlling amino acid protein.” Whatever is in them, the Classic Cookies cost $60 a week and the Plan 10x cookies cost $50.00 a week. Discounts are available.

You can expect to lose 10-15 pounds per month under either the Classic Plan or the Plan 10X.

Other Cookie Diets

While Dr. Siegal is credited with creating the original cookie diet, his is not the only cookie diet. Dr. Sasson Moulavi, who worked for Dr. Siegal for a while, has a program called The Smart for Life Cookie Diet. His cookies have 100 calories each, are 60 percent organic, have no preservatives, and cost $1.00 each. A two-week program costs $129. Smart for Life also has muffins, shakes, and soups. Expected weight loss is 10-15 pounds per month.

The Hollywood Cookie Diet features four high-protein, high-fiber cookies to be eaten between breakfast and lunch. A box of twelve cookies (a three-day supply) sells for $20.00 and is available in retail groceries and pharmacies.

How the Cookie Diet Works

Because your choices are so limited, Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet is easy to follow. It has three steps.

Step 1. See your doctor. Dr. Siegal wants his dieters to see their personal physicians before starting the diet to make sure there is no reason they should not follow the Cookie Diet.

Step 2. Order cookies. The cookies are not available in stores. A four-week starter kit contains enough cookies for a month plus the Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet books: The Cookie Doctor Cookbook: Countless Combinations of Delicious Meals for Any Calorie-Controlled Lifestyle and Dr. Siegal’s Diet Book.

Step 3. Eat your cookies according to the following schedule:

  • 8:00 AM: 2 cookies
  • 10:00 AM: 1 cookie
  • 12:00 N: 1 cookie
  • 2:00 PM: 2 cookies
  • 4:00 PM: 1 cookie
  • 6:00 PM: 500-700 calorie meal
  • 8:00 PM: 1 cookie
  • 10:00 PM: 1 cookie

For your one daily meal you can have six ounces of chicken, fish, turkey, or seafood and one cup of vegetables. You should drink at least eight glasses of water, black coffee, or tea a day, but no alcohol or sweet drinks. Fruit, dairy, and any foods not listed above out prohibited.

Benefits of the Cookie Diet

The Cookie Diet is a low-calorie diet that should result in weight loss.

Consultation with your doctor before you start the program (and during it if needed) is part of Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet. This is a good idea with any diet, but is particularly important with a low-calorie meal replacement program such as the Cookie Diet.

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet meets the needs of vegetarians and people who follow a Kosher diet.

Not having to make food decisions is an advantage for many dieters. Also, the rigid program allows no opportunities for slip-ups. Both of these features of the Cookie Diet could make the diet appealing to people who have been unsuccessful with other weight-loss diets.

Concerns about the Cookie Diet

The Cookie Diet does not have an exercise component, nor is there a maintenance or transition phase. Dietitians generally recommend that individuals on meal replacement diets transition to limiting their meal replacements and eating two meals a day before they go back to regular diets.

The Cookie Diet does not educate dieters about healthy eating or teach them how to plan and prepare healthy meals.

The Cookie Diet is expensive.

The Cookie Diet may not provide enough fiber, calcium, carbohydrates, and vitamin D. Two flavors of Dr. Siegal’s new cookies are high in saturated fat.

Talk to Your Doctor

A limited-time meal replacement diet like the Cookie Diet can be a good way to lose weight quickly. As Dr. Siegal points out, it is important to consult with your own physician before starting the Cookie Diet. He or she will be able to assess if the Cookie Diet is a safe and effective weight loss program for you. You can also talk to your doctor while you are on the Cookie Diet if you have any questions or concerns about your weight or your health.

Best Diet Plans for Women

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If you’re reading this then you’re definitely looking for the very best accessible diet plans for women. If you need to lose the extra weight that you have you will want to change your eating habits and eating timings. The right diet will allow you to burn fat as well as slim down.

The best way to lose fat is simple, all you need to do would be to burn more calories everyday as well as consume smaller sized meals during the day. Ways of burning fat for men and ladies are identical. All that you should do is to include healthier food items to your diet to be able to assist your energy with regard to losing fatbecome successful.

Keep in mind that disciplining yourself is essential if you wish to observe results and do not worry about exactly how tough it will likely be when on a strict diet however concentrate on exactly how fantastic it will be if you have misplaced those pounds. This labored for me and I am certain it will for you as well. You can find many diet plans for women on the internet.

Diet Program

You can lose weight by following diet ideas strictly like the grape juice diet plan is an effective diet plan and delay pills work. All you have to do is consume absolutely nothing other than the meals pointed out, eat because the food pointed out, and don’t alternative the bacon and the salad:

Breakfast: Grape fruitfruit juice Eight ounce or even fifty percent a grapefruit.

2 ova any kind of style that you simply choose.
At least 2 slices of bacon.

Lunch time: Grapefruit fruit juice Eight ounce or even half the grape fruit.

Greens along with any outfitting that you like.
Beef could be cooked in any style and then any quantity could be consumed.

Supper: Grapefruit juice Eight ounce or even half the grapefruit

Possibly prepare green vegetables in butter or even have a greens with dressing of your liking.

Night snack: Possibly 8 oz associated with tomato fruit juice or milk.

You’ll find great diets for ladies on the internet but from personal experience the actual grapes fresh fruit strategy functions.

Tips to keep in mind

When carrying out a diet strategy you should remember in order to:

Never skip breakfast
Drink plenty of water
Avoid unhealthy foods at all costs
Stick to the diet

Remember whenever you examine diet plans for women and choose an agenda subsequent these tips will help you get outcomes even faster. Because there are many diet plans for women accessible adding a little exercise to your every day routine can help you burn fat faster.


One question, how to use probiotics for weight loss? Many problems result from weight loss difficult. Well, in fact it is one of the hardest things you can do. It may be easy to drop a few pounds. But losing a significant amount of weight and be successful, it will need more healthy food.


Does pearl probiotics help you to lose weight?

There is a way to make permanent changes when losing your weight is to make permanent changes in your lifestyle. When you are already in a certain lifestyle in your life, maybe it will be very difficult. So, if you want to really lose weight with ease, try switching to a pattern of probiotics.

So, what is Probiotics? It is healthy bacteria that work to keep your body healthy. Unlike the most of bacteria that can cause damage to the body. So basically these bacteria work in your body to make you healthier than you think. According to the correspondent, just by taking simple pills every day they feel have more energy and better health.

At least this is what they tell the truth. In fact they lost a few pounds of weight them. But the key to really make probiotics for weight loss is to work, we must find out what the best if we had to use a probiotic every day as our daily menu. We touched to watch out for our own health, so let us learn more.

In this case you can use a certain probiotics on a higher dose but I think you will not like the taste. That is why some people would prefer probiotics in capsule packaging. So you can take one or two capsules daily. With this capsule you would know that by using a good dose of healthy bacteria will be able to work well in your body.

Probiotics will help your body to digest food more easily. You can felt it after the first day or two. You will really see a huge increase in your energy levels. However you have to be more observant, just because you feel more energetic this does not mean that you can eat a diet haphazardly. This is because your body will work harder to digest the food you eat. Due this will cause the deterioration of the real energy of your body.

So, that we can take of keep the high energy; even if you take it you need with consume a healthy diet so that is will easy to digest. So when you eat things like fruits, vegetables and whole grains as supporting probiotics for weight loss. You will find that it is very easy to do is just a little effort.

When looking for probiotics for weight loss pills. The best choice is to find pills in capsule coating. This is so totally healthy bacteria to the stomach without a change in some way to the body. So it will actually see the full benefits for our body when taking these bacteria. And feel the benefits of all this.


So it can lose weight with just a little effort. You will really feel to have a better body, do not just look better about yourself. This is the first step to making lasting lifestyle changes. When you use a probiotic with either the food will be easier to digest, and when this happens, you will lose weight. By using probiotics for weight loss we can do it the easy way.