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A double chin is nothing more dangerous or harmful to the overall health of the person who is afflicted with it than an excessive layer of subcutaneous fat that is present within and around the neck region.  If surgical intervention is sought in order to get rid of the double chin quickly then there are several procedures that maybe utilised; these are as listed as follows.

Tumescent liposuction/ Tumescent lipoplasty

Operative for nearly twenty years; tumescent liposuction has become the de facto form of lipoplasty surgery commonly utilised by cosmetic surgeons for the treatment of double chin and lipoplasty in general. In essence, a localized tumescent injection will be administered to the afflicted area that is due for excising, and the injection itself will contain the following components:

A localized anaesthetic agent designed to numb the area, epinephrine which is used to constrict the various blood vessels around the area that is due to be excised in order to minimise bleeding and the rate of exsanguination. In addition, it inhibits the ability of the cells of the body to absorb the anaesthetic agent thereby increasing the expected useful half-life of the anaesthetic agent.

Traditional style lipoplasty surgery proved to be problematic due to unacceptably high degrees of risk such as permanent disfiguration of the neck area as the subcutaneous fat was excised in addition to excessive blood loss and allergic reaction to the anaesthetic agent arising.

By virtue of the fact that the tumescent solution that is injected into the site for excision has a higher volume than the fat tissue; this means that when the fat tissue respires and uses osmosis to diffuse the solution into the cells contained with them; they will be engorged as a result. This enlarging effect is a desirable one: making the subcutaneous fat layer more prominent will make it far easier for the surgeon to then reduce its size with a minimum of complications.

It is important to appreciate that not everyone who suffers from a double chin will be a suitable or appropriate candidate for facial lipoplasty surgical procedures and so surgeons have identified that patients who are within the 20-40 age bracket in good health are best suited for the procedure. The reason for this is due to the fact that one of the major effects of the aging process is that the due to the breakdown and loss of collagen in the skin this means that the elasticity of skin is lost.

There is some confusion concerning the issue of obesity and overweightness as a contraindication to the suitability of a patient for the facial lipolasty procedure, and some have been led to believe that it is an absolute contraindication.

Facial lipoplasty for the treatment of a double chin is designed to remove only the localized adipose tissue which is specific to the neck region; however, given the fact that the surgery necessitates the use of an anaesthetic agent which in turn places strain on the cardiovascular system, this means that there is a higher mortality rate associated with such patients.

Exercises as a remedy for removing double chins

A cursory search through the internet will identify a significant number of different websites solely devoted to the topic of providing a variety of different exercises that are allegedly guaranteed to remove double chin fat; unfortunately however, such information is at best, overly optimistic.

Spot training, the process whereby exercise is limited to a localized area of the body with the ultimate objective of removing fat solely from that area maybe one of the most commonly utilised and relied upon forms of weight loss but it is utterly redundant and the only way to lose fat is to work out the entire body. Spot training may give the illusion of an area that is slightly more toned or well-defined in its contours but ultimately; it does absolutely nothing to the remaining adipose tissue.

As we consume calories they are converted into energy sources by our metabolism and surplus calories are converted into adipose tissue for further usage at some future date. Should a person then consume less calories than their energy requirements dictate; this means that in order to maintain a sense of balance within the body, the metabolism will be required as a matter of survival, cannibalise the remaining adipose reserves situated around the body.

Realistically speaking; a person who wishes to remove a double chin would be required to use 4000 calories worth of energy in order to remove a single pound of fat from their body. It is for this precise reason that it is strongly urged that a combination of both exercise and the reduction in the calorie content of the food ingested is maintained.

Medication for getting rid of the double chin

There has been the development of a new potential solution to the treatment of double chin and that is ATX-101 which happens to be Sodium Deoxycholate for Injection.

In essence, ATX-101 has been specifically designed to serve as an adipolytic solution which is capable of locally administered to the neck region via intravenous or injectable means.  In essence, the ATX 101 manages to reduce the adipose reserves centred in the neck region by the process of lysis; whereby the membrane of the fat cells are breached and infected; whereas remaining cells are left unscathed.

When left to work, the ATX-101 solution has the wonderful effect of resulting in total cytolytic activity; which means that the entire lipid cell structure is destroyed outright. The extensive studies that have been conducted as to the relative efficacy of the ATX 101 solution have identified that it is fully capable of invoking cyctolytic activity on both the submeral and subcutaneous fat reserves allowing for a much more effective excising of the adipose tissue.

There are a multitude of different options for getting rid of a double chin; and although there are medications and surgical procedures available diet and good nutrition must be emphasised above all else.